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Maeve M80

Hybrid-electric. Zero compromise.


The performance of a Jet.
The efficiency of a turboprop.

Meet the next generation of regional aircraft.

A clean sheet design with a new integrated hybrid propulsion system results in significant reduction of mission energy and fuel consumption.

The result: an 80-seater that is superior in performance and cost, while drastically lowering climate impact. Maeve M80 is the perfect replacement of both the regional jet segment as well as the turboprop segment.

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Superior performance

The best performance for the entire regional market

Maeve M80 is the cost and performance effective replacement of regional aircraft.

Lowest-in-class specific energy/fuel consumption

The innovative hybrid-electric propulsion architecture integrated into a benchmark aerodynamic design enables a specific fuel consumption of 2 litre/pax/100km in cruise, reducing cost and emissions.

> 400 ktas cruising speed

Cost efficient block times for longer regional routes.

800 nautical miles of range

Weight efficient hybridisation and cruise flight level at FL350 offers an operational range of 800 NM including IFR reserves and contingency.

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Covering key hub connections

with 800 nautical miles

North America

Full range capability is 800 NM operational range + IFR reserve + 3% contingency


Game-changing competitive cost

25% lower trip cost vs. equal sized regional jets

Significantly reducing load factor risk

>20% lower seat-mile cost vs. equal sized turboprops

Enabling higher profitability for the operator

Best performance across regional segments

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A new benchmark in sustainable aviation

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Arrow IconEnergy

Over 40% reduction in fuel consumption

Leveraging the advantage of turboprop efficiency, new airframe design and high performance propulsion at altitude reduces the fuel burn more than 40% at cruise vs. regional jets.

Low emission and noise at take-off

Using its hybrid-electric propulsion, Maeve M80’s electric boosted take-off and climb reduces important near-ground NOx and noise emissions around the airports.

Arrow IconCO2

Net zero CO2 operation

Being fully certified to operate 100% hydrogen based Power-to-Liquid fuels, Maeve M80 further eliminates CO2 emission > 95%.

M80 is also capable to operate on other Sustainable Aviation Fuel specification.

Aircraft Specification

Single Class Cabin
84 passengers
Dual Class Cabin
76 passengers
Overhead Bin Volume/Pax
108 L3.8 ft³
Cargo Hold Capacity
12 m³423 ft³
Operational Range
1 482 km800 NM
Cruise Speed
400 ktas
Balanced Field Performance
1 800 m5 905 ft
Landing Distance
1 300 m4 265 ft
Cruise Flight Level
Max. Take-Off Weight
28 900 kg63 725 lb
Max. Payload
8 500 kg18 740 lb
2 Hybrid-Electric Engines
Electrical Storage System
10 Battery Packs
Performance Graph
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