All-electric. Zero emissions.

Maeve 01.

All-electric. Zero emissions.
Seats 44 + crew
Ultra silent operation

Maeve 01 offers a real zero emissions alternative for commuter flight operators.

Driven by battery power only, Maeve 01 also lowers the operating cost per seat km, while having a much lower take-off noise. Supported by the Maeve Recharge network, Maeve 01 operates as a standard spec commuter aircraft.

Ready for take-off.

Maeve 01 is also configurable as freight and private version, serving various operator needs.



44 ex crew (2-1 abreast)

Cruising speed

264 kts

Runway length

1500m BFL

Climb rate

1850 ft/min

Weights & dimensions


45.000 kg


4.965 kg


Take-off power

8.700 kW

Number of power plants


Maeve 01 is optimized to carry the weight of a large battery pack

As Maeve 01 typically operates 5 times per day, battery replacement is expected to happen every 1.5 years of operation, as State-of-Health drops below 90%. Utilizing a unique replacement technology, replacement takes within regular C-Check intervals. Maeve 01 is therefore upgraded every 1.5 year with more advanced batteries and more range.

A closed-loop system

All replaced battery packs are re-used in the Maeve ReCharge network. Read here how Maeve creates a closed loop battery use system.

A new standard for propulsion

Maeve 01 leverages all advantages that all-electric drive systems offer. As the cost per drive unit is much lower compared to turboprop engines, application of more drives becomes feasible, offering unparalleled redundancy and safety. Maintenance is minimized with just a few moving parts, while noise is reduced to a minimum, allowing take-off at noise constrained airports.