Maeve 01

The world's first all electric 44+ passenger airplane.

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Range in 2029460 km
Charging time35 min

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460 km of range

in 2029

Maeve 01 has a range of 460 km or 250 nautical miles.

Maeve 01

Operating cost

Operating cost

Compared to kerosene aircraft, the airplane boasts lower operating costs.

Maeve 01

Zero emissions

Absolute zero emissions

40% less noise

Designed with a focus on sustainability and noise reduction, the airplane emits zero emissions and generates 40% less noise.

Maeve 01


The first electric plane with 44+ capacity

Maeve 01 is the world's first-ever electric aircraft with a capacity of 44+, setting a new standard for sustainable and eco-friendly air travel.

Maeve 01


Recharging in 35 minutes

With a recharge time of only 35 minutes, this electric aircraft enables rapid and streamlined flight operations.

Maeve 01
Maeve 01

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Maeve 01


Passenger Capacity

44 (50 pax certified)


2 flight crew, 1 cabin crew

Range @44 pax

250nm (463 km)

Max cruise speed

610 km/hr (330 ktas)

Short take-off length

1.150 m (3.773 ft)

Rate of climb

1.850 ft/min


Number of power plants


Take-off power rating

1.2 MW

Cruise power rating

0,5 M

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