3.4M euro investment in Dutch electric passenger aircraft

Delft based company Maeve Aerospace has secured an investment of €3.4M for the development of its all-electric 44 passenger aircraft. The company, formerly known as Venturi Aviation - presented its plans in January this year, and has now secured sufficient funding to build its first prototypes.

  • Maeve Aerospace is developing a fully electric regional passenger aircraft seating 44 passengers and with a flight range of up to 550 km.

  • Up to this moment the company has worked hard at conducting an extensive feasibility study towards electric aviation. Building upon this, Maeve now has the financing to accelerate and start the developments of its aircraft.

  • Electric air travel eliminates CO2 and NOx emissions, is 40% quieter and therefore a concrete solution for emissions in the aviation sector.

Growing investments into electric flight 

After closing its €250k seed investment in June 2021 followed by its more recent €3.4 million investment, the company is now rapidly scaling its developments. This investment accounts to one of the largest private investments in a fully electric Dutch passenger aircraft. Among the investors are a number of angels and a large Dutch family office, all requested to stay unnamed.

Maeve's main focus so far has been on exploring the feasibility of electric aviation. With its investment, Maeve will further develop the core technology behind electric flying, such as the battery system. The company is now expanding its team to 24 employees and is looking at future locations to further support the development of its first aircraft.


Maeve Aerospace started in September 2020 by co-founders Jan Willem Heinen and Joost Dieben. In the vision of the company, electric flying is the solution for the aviation of the future. “Electric flying does not emit any CO2 or NOx, reduces noise pollution by -40% and is ultimately cheaper to operate. In addition, “the rate of advancements in battery technology is an area that we feel that we can start capitalising on very soon,” says CEO Jan Willem Heinen.

A new name

With its brand new name ‘Maeve Aerospace’, the company wants to usher in a new era. “The time of planning is behind us. We are now progressing in development of the core technology needed in any future electric aircraft - a portable, lightweight and safe battery pack. With this technology and IP, we will be able to make an impact in aviation,” says COO Joost Dieben.

Media contact
  • For more information, please contact CEO Jan Willem Heinen on jwheinen@maeve.aero

  • https://maeve.aero contains all relevant information about Maeve Aerospace B.V. from June 16, 13:00. and Maeve 01.