Maeve reCharge

Flight time1h30m
Charging time35 min
Charging time
Charging time

Covering all routes

Covering all routes that Maeve 01 operates, Maeve Recharge allows operators to charge Maeve 01 within 35 minutes. Maeve actively monitors charging operation and therefore guarantees successful charging at destination, allowing airlines to focus on their core expertise: flying. Maeve ReCharge runs on 100% sustainable energy at a low price per kWh.

Maeve Aerospace
Maeve Aerospace

Suitable for every airport

As Maeve 01 arrives at its destination, robotized charging starts instantly. Integrated into a single module, a Maeve fast-charging system requires no more than the footprint of a 30-ft container.

Maeve Aerospace

Designed for sustainability

Maeve 01 charges with up to 3 MW of power. Grid overload is prevented as re-used Maeve 01 battery modules assist in providing power. Whenever charging is done, our ReCharging network will automatically re-energise with 100% sustainable energy at the lowest cost point.

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