Creating aviation for a generation that wants to travel, not pollute

All-electric. Zero emissions.

About Maeve

Maeve is based at the YesDelft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus at the heart of aviation in the Netherlands. With a team of the brightest, most innovative and talented Aerospace Engineers from across the globe, Maeve is cracking the code to enable all-electric flight.

Meet our founders

Jan Willem Heinen

Jan Willem is in charge of idea generation and transplanting the best ideas of e-mobility into aviation, as well as financing the masterplan and all actions required for investment closing. Jan Willem is part of the management team.

Joost Dieben

Joost is in charge of the masterplan from the original thought experiment to a solid R&D process in which all elements are in-place - including all aviation partnerships. The R&D team reports directly to Joost. Joost is part of the management team