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Maeve is based at the YesDelft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus at the heart of aviation in the Netherlands. With a team of the brightest, most innovative and talented Aerospace Engineers from across the globe, Maeve is cracking the code to enable all-electric flight.



Jan Willem Heinen - Co-founder & CEO
Jan Willem Heinen - Co-founder & CEOCo-founded Viriciti, sold in 2021 (€75M)Jan Willem has over 15 years of experience in e-mobility. Having started multiple companies in the e-mobility space (including exiting one), he has seen multiple transport modes transition towards fully-electric - and is predicting the next with Maeve Aerospace.
Joost Dieben - Co-founder & CCO
Joost Dieben - Co-founder & CCOFormer CCO & Tech leader at various companiesJoost managed the tech development process at various influential companies (including Apple, Google, Bank of America & Royal Dutch Shell). Joost has the skills to quickly scale business development and establish solid customer traction.
Erwin Koenraads - CFO
Erwin Koenraads - CFOFounded and exited Unknown Group VCErwin has experience at both sides of the funding discussion from his background as founder of the Unknown Group. Erwin is currently responsible for treasury, financial forecasting and investor discussions.
Martin Nüsseler - CTO
Martin Nüsseler - CTOFormer head of engineering Airbus A350XWB fuselage / CTO Deutsche AircraftMartin managed several multi-billion aircraft programmes at Airbus and recently led technology development at Deutsche Aircraft. He has the holistic view to make Maeve 01 the best all-electric aircraft possible.

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